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Marcus - Design

Exercises - What to expect and rules - Please read before posting!

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Welcome to the Exercise section!

Here you will find advice from other members and Team Leaders on the proper way of performing certain exercises!

We urge users and Team Leader to make video's or take pictures to show other users how to correctly perform exercises!

Please also read the rules before posting in this section: 

You must not do any of the following:

Swearing:  Where directed at another user or member of staff)

Racism: comments or racist jokes etc will not be tolerated and you will be banned.

Advertising: You do not have permission to advertise or promote in this section at all. If you wish to advertise please contact any of the staff members.

Flaming/Trolling: You must not cause considerable offence on purpose to a user and continue to do so. This will be classed as Flaming/Trolling and you will recieve infractions.

Pornography: You must not post any material deemed to be explicit or 18+ rated anywhere on this site. Doing so will lead to an instant ban.

Spam: Please ensure you are not writing 1 or 2 word comments, No one likes seeing pages of "Lols" and "No way" Make sure your enhancing and being part of any discussion if you choose to post within it.

Please make sure you follow these rules to stop action being taken on your accounts.

Remember, You are all great.

Marcus - I am great team 

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